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Blaze: talk to Blaze

This form allows you to talk to us, give us an idea, tell us where to
get off, tell us what we should do as Blaze, ask us questions.
Basically write anything you want on this form we would love to hear
from you. Please do not sensor your thoughts, we want hear what you
really think.

This form remains completely anonymous unless you fill in the
'Personal Details' part. If you would like a response please remember
to include your email address.

We will endeavour to respond to all submissions that request a response as
quick as possible. Please be patient though as we are all students, with
assignments and deadlines to meet.

Send us your comments by clicking the 'SEND TO BLAZE' button at the
bottom of this page.

Blaze: The Christian Union of Crewe+Alsager Faculty

Hey, Blaze this is what I have to say...

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