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Cyber Academia Scroll

We've tried to put together a sensible and useful list of sites for us Crewe+Alsagerites and any one else who needs cyber guidance. Wherever you want to go on the web, we hope you'll start your journey here at the Blaze Cyber Academia Scrolls.

  • Academic/Research/Reference
  • Travel
  • News and magazines
  • Student magazines and newspapers
  • Interesting Ezine sites
  • Food and Drink
  • Music and entertainment
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Sex
  • Help and advice
  • Sport
  • Student Related sites
  • Miscellanous


    the Manchester Metropolitan University
    Mummy in Manchester

    Crewe+Alsager Faculty
    Where you are at.

    Bridgewater State College
    College in MA, USA that C+A has an exchange programme with. For more info visit Dr. John Jordan in the reception building, Alsager Campus. A brilliant experience to be had. If your remotely interested 'Just do it'.

    Pray Sport Research
    Sports Science Research (MMU)

    MMU Library
    Comprehensive resource for all subjects covered at MMU.
    Also the ability to search the catalogue and check your borrower information (MMU only)

    MMU Careers Service
    A wealth of information supplied by Mark Kent in Careers and the team.
    You must visit this site if you are thinking of going somewhere with your degree.

    Student Services
    Visit them to find out what they have got and can do. The best kept secret on campus.

    MMU News & Events
    What is going on with MMU as a whole. Updated weekly.
    Useful site with an archive of essays on all topics. Free if you submit an essay.

    Provides electronic discussion lists for the UK higher education community.
    Useful site for graduate career opportunities worldwide with research links.

    Janet - UK Academic and Research Network
    Essential tool for research. With links to all universities.

    The Merlin Falcon Guide To Taught Postgraduate Courses In UK And Ireland
    a comprehensive guide to all postgraduate courses in UK and Ireland.

    Virtual Museums
    Comprehensive links to all museum related sites on the web.

    Electronic Libraries Programme
    An online library research resource.

    The British Library Online
    The British Library's information server.
    An online bookstore where you can buy books from all over the world.

    Multimedia Mapping
    An online map of the UK which allows you to search by town/village or city name
    A fantastic A-Z style map of the UK - just type in the name of the road or street you require.

    Cite the right
    A practical guide on how to organise bibliographical references and how to quote references in your essays.

    Project Guthenberg - Etext listings
    An online collection of texts from various books and useful reference tools including dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

    The Online Books Page
    An online collection of over 6000 books which you can read for free. Also includes links to other book sites.

    Yahoo - Government
    A full listing of all government related material.

    The UK Research Councils
    Information on and links to the UK Research Councils.

    UK Universities
    A list of all UK universities with links to all of them.

    e . journal
    A comprehensive, searchable list of all journals and magazines online.

    Government Information Service
    The UK government information service with links to all government departments, the Monarchy and local government.

    University of Lancashire - Subject related Internet Resources
    A useful site from the University of Central Lancashire with links for most study subjects. Also has good internet links.

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    ET's ridiculously comprehensive travel site - pick a destination and read what The Telegraph's travel writers have to say about it.

    World Travel Guide
    A useful travel guide which allows you to search a world map to plan a trip abroad.

    Campus Travel
    A travel agency specialising in travel for University students. Look up the latest lowest fares to anywhere in the world.

    STA Travel
    STA Travel's web site - another agency specialising in travel for students and under 26s.

    Student and budget travel guide
    A guide for students wanting to travel abroad on a budget. Compiled for US students, but lots of helpful hints and tips.

    Lonely Planet online
    Web site based on the indispensable Lonely Planet travel guides.

    Rough Guides - Travel
    Online version of Rough Guide travel guides.

    National Express
    Full details of coach services with interactive timetable and online booking service.

    Railtrack timetables online
    An online rail timetable which allows you to plan your train journey for anywhere in the UK.

    Time Out World City Guides
    A Time Out magazine guide to nightlife and entertainment in the worlds major cities.

    A specialist student travel organisation which organises working holidays around the world. An online guide to the Youth Hostel Association. Allows you to access cheap accommodation both at home and abroad.

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    News and magazines

    Electronic Telegraph
    The pioneering online newspaper. Best on the web as the student pages often publish stuff about Crewe+Alsager Faculty. You can also blag free stuff here. You have to subscribe but it is free.

    The Times Online
    You have to subscribe but it is free.

    The Guardian/Observer Online
    Tells you whats going on outside of Alsager, updated daily.

    Independent Online
    More news from the outside world.

    The Online Mirror
    Rumoured to contain some news, good sport section.
    A collection of every newspaper and magazine on the internet.

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    Student magazines and newspapers

    The Pirate Magazine
    Secret, underground magazine for Crewe+Alsager students.
    Visit and submit your articles today. This magazine aims to stamp out apathy on Crewe+Alsager Campuses.
    It thrives on your in-put.

    The Smoke
    Westminster University online magazine.

    The Courier
    Aberystwyth University's online magazine.

    The Warwick Boar online
    An online version of the Warwick university magazine.

    Epigram - The Bristol Students Independent Newspaper
    An online newspaper produced by Bristol university students.

    Cherwell Online
    Weekly Oxford Student newspaper.

    The Oxford Independent
    A newspaper produced by Oxford university students.

    Scrapie Interactive
    University of Bradford Students' Union Magazine online.

    The Badger
    A newspaper produced by University of Sussex students.

    Ripple on the Net
    A newspaper produced by Leicester university students.

    Glasgow University Guardian
    A slick newspaper produced by Glasgow university students.

    Varsity Online
    The Cambridge university student newspaper.

    City News From Around The World
    World news broadcast in Real Audio produced by City University journalism department.

    Independent Durham student magazine

    London Student
    Newspaper for students in London

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    Interesting Ezine sites

    A great e-zine from the lovely people who bring you Juiced, the student side of the Electronic Telegraph.

    Excellent magazine site covering all the issues. Original home of the fabulous Slap A Spice Girl.

    Very well produced monthly fashion magazine.

    Excellent magazine covering underground club music in the UK.

    Big Yellow Taxi
    Satirical magazine / newspaper.

    The Onion - America's finest news source
    Brilliantly funny satirical American magazine.

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    Food and Drink

    Kellogg's Rice Krispies
    Very slick site devoted to Kellogg's Rice Krispies giving a host of cheap and cheerful recipes for you to enjoy before you go to the pub.

    Healthier choices for fast food.

    Think about drink
    A site to visit for sensible advice about drinking and over-doing it.

    The Cocktail Party
    A simple guide to making your own cocktails. Contains lists of every cocktail on the planet. Definitely something you should try at home.

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    Music and entertainment

    Alsager Arts Centre
    The best in contemporary art - and it is right on your doorstep.
    Seasons in Autumn and Spring. Situated on Alsager Campus. Student discounts available.

    An online version of the popular music magazine Select.

    Ridiculously 'trendy' music e-zine but a good read.
    A guide to all theatre in the UK. Allows you to book seats online.
    Get excited yips.

    Events Online
    An online listings guide for entertainment. It includes cinema, music and the arts.

    Yell cinema guide
    An online guide to what films are on in cinemas near you - including Hanley

    Scoot cinema guide
    Searchable index of cinemas and films for the entire UK.

    Comedy Web
    A definitive guide to comedy on the internet. It includes soundbites from famous comedians and their shows.

    Online version of NME. Totally fantastic searchable gig guide. Good chat room.

    1st music
    An online music store. Get your CDs and films cheaper than in the high street.

    Another online music store. Rarities a speciality.

    Tower Records
    Online version of the popular Tower Records music store. Has mail order facility.

    Replay An online music store specialising in dance music with worldwide mail-order service.

    Gaia Live
    Web based radio station.

    Radio One
    Radio One's really rather good website

    InterFACE Pirate radio
    Excellent drum 'n' bass heavy radio station. Good chat room.

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    Bars and Clubs

    A complete online listing of every club in the UK. At last!

    Ministry of Sound
    Website of the UK's best/worst club the Ministry of Sound.
    A worldwide club and bar listing guide. Allows you to plan your holiday drinking and clubbing before you even leave the country.

    Lots of information on UK clubs and the DJ 'scene' (man).

    Top 62 UK Pubs
    A guide to some of the best pubs in the UK.

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    Terrence Higgins Trust
    The Terrence Higgins Trust which helps people with HIV and AIDS.

    Information on AIDS research and the truth behind the myths.

    HEA - World Aids Day
    Site with lots of information and details of World Aids Day activities.

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    Help and advice

    The Samaritans
    Online version of the confidential advice and help group Samaritans.

    Citizens Advice Bureau
    An online version of the Citizens Advice Bureau which gives free independent legal advice.

    The mental health charity. A good site to go to when you're at the end of your tether.
    Alternatively the college chaplains and counciling service is always there to help or listen.

    Free legal help and advice online. Very useful for knowing your rights.

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    Sport: Your turn Jock's

    Electronic Telegraph Sports Page
    Great sports coverage.

    Yahoo's college and university sports index
    A collection of useful links to all University sporting societies and clubs.
    An interesting guide to all outdoor adventure sports such as bungy jumping and rock climbing.
    An essential guide on how to recover from sporting injuries.

    Carling Premiership
    The official website of the Carling football premiership league.

    The Allied Dunbar Premiership
    Official website of the Rugby Union Allied Dunbar premiership. Includes links to all rugby clubs.

    NBA Online
    The official site of the NBA.

    SwimNews online
    The online version with tons of swimming news and info.

    The World Squash Federation
    Official site of the World Squash Federation.

    Rugby Today
    Comprehensive rugby news site.

    ATP Tour online
    The official ATP Tour website.

    When Saturday Comes
    The half decent football web site

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    Student Related sites

    Online, free, student classified advertising site for the whole of UK.

    The Student Network
    A great web site that is produced entirely by students. Includes everything a student could possibly want to read, such as the really useful good pub guide.

    The National Union of Students
    An online website produced by the National Union of Students. Includes many student links and all the latest news from campuses up and down the country. Also includes a handy list of where you can use your NUS card to get a student discount.

    Campus Voice
    A website produced for all European university students. Includes helpful tips on how to get work experience and your first job. Also tells you how you can get a job in another country and includes a searchable archive of students dissertations.

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    UK Theme Park page
    An online guide to all the best theme parks in the UK with opening times and prices. Not forgetting our resident theme park Alton Towers.

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